Let Us Tell You Who We Are

  • Established in layer farming since 1977.
  • Is a corporation that specialize in the production of commercial table eggs, animal feeds and organic fertilizer.
  • It’s farm is located in Kampar, Perak.
  • It has a modern hi-tech automated facility that can produce more than 500,000 eggs daily.
  • In 2009, Liang Kee ventured into researching nutritional eggs with Carotech Bhd.
  • The partnership culminated in the successful production of eggs with significantly low cholesterol level and enriched with T3 and Carotenes.
  • They have now branded their product under the tradename LKFresh.


Liang Kee Farming Operations

  • Hens in Liang Kee Farm are now housed in clean, well-ventilated buildings where temperature, humidity and lighting are controlled for year-round comfort. Fresh food and water are constantly available.
  • Eggs automatically roll from cages onto conveyor belts for prompt collection. Even manure management is much easier. Cage designs allow waste to drop right out of the cages into manure conveyor belt, keeping both the egg and hen clean and safe from disease.
  • The average laying hen today naturally produces more than 320 eggs a year - that's about one egg every 1½ days . Hens begin egg production at five to six months (19 weeks) of age and continue to lay for at least 12 months.
  • As with humans, vaccines are part of the normal preventative health program for hens. Vaccines increase hens' immunity, thereby greatly reducing the potential for illness/disease and subsequent need for antibiotics later in life.
  • Strict biosecurity regulations and practices in and around the layer house minimize the exposure of birds to disease/illness, thereby looking after the best interests of the hens, as well as ensuring the safest eggs possible.
  • Every aspect from feed to egg collection is controlled and monitored so the hen has a comfortable, safe environment.